Who We Are

Why Lionfish.info is the best?

We are a group of mutually concerned citizens who have been combating the lionfish invasion for several years now around the affected area of the western Atlantic from the US down to South America. While there are many groups working on the lionfish issue, much of the ‘heavy lifting’ has been done by the regular divers who are out there removing lionfish on a day to day basis for fun, food, and sometimes profit. We have seen firsthand how divers are making a real difference in controlling the population in areas that we dive regularly.


It came to our attention that there was a need for a lionfish tracking map in which local stakeholders can record their lionfish removals to show their local governments and people what a problem this invasive fish has become and what they are doing to address the problem. There is also a need to allow snorkelers, tourists, and other interested people a way to mark where lionfish are seen so that others can come back and remove the fish later. Every location is a little different, and while some lionfish maps have been made privately, nobody has made one available for the public.

Seeing that need for a lionfish tracking map, we have collaborated among individuals, NGO’s, and government groups to create this map and database and make it available to the public. We hope that you find it beneficial and we are always looking for feedback and more support. If you have suggestions or would like to offer your support, please contact us here.

Thank you, the Lionfish.info team.