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Where did lionfish come from?


What do lionfish eat?


What species are lionfish?


How big do lionfish grow?


What do lionfish look like?


How much do lionfish eat?


How big a fish can a lionfish eat?


What eats lionfish?


Do lionfish compete with other species for food?


Do lionfish live in groups?

If you want to know the answers of these questions and are interested in getting to know more about the invasive lionfish, you are in the right place


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Our Primary Feature

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and current supply of information & facts available on the invasive lionfish.

Along with information, our primary feature is our interactive lionfish tracking map which is designed to assist people and groups around the affected area by providing a visual map of the culled and spotted lionfish. When people see an invasive lionfish they can record the position in order for a diver to come back later and remove the fish. We hope that with time this map will be used to show just how extensive the problem has become and which areas are doing the most to combat the problem.

Mission Statement

The Problem was developed as a tool to combat the spread of the invasive lionfish. Native to the Indo-Pacific region and with no natural predators in the Atlantic, the lionfish has been spreading at an explosive rate and displacing the native marine species. Right now, divers are the best defense against this spreading disaster.

The Idea

While many lionfish related groups have been focused on getting grant money and studying the problem, there has still been a void in actual solutions. It came to our attention that there was a need for a tracking map for people around the affected area to document their culls and for non-hunters to report their lionfish sightings so that others can remove the lionfish.


The Solution

We decided to build that map at our own expense and give it to everybody to use. For FREE, because we need solutions not more talk.