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Instructions for posting on the lionfish tracking map    Click here to view our video tutorial on using the map

*Please NOTE if you click the location on the map, then select “Add New Location” the Lat/Long coordinates will automatically be added. If you are manually entering the Latitude and Longitude from a GPS coordinate  the – sign must be added in front of the Longitude number or the pin will end up in the wrong place. Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain or have any questions about the lionfish tracking map.




1 Selecting the location:


If location services are allowed on your computer or mobile device


The map will center on your current location
To go to a different location, enter the location name in the Search Box at the top of the Map, zoom in using the + or – buttons or drag using the cursor The map will center on that location
2 Click on the map or tap on the mobile device A box with the latitude and longitude for the location you picked will appear
3 Click the “Add New Location” button at the top left A pop up for entering information will appear with the latitude and longitude auto-populated
4 Choose whether this was a “Spotted” or “Removed” Lionfish “Spotted” pins will remain for 30 days only
5 Required fields:




Number of Lionfish “Spotted” or “Removed”:

Enter on Computer or

Select/Change from Mobile Device

6 Location text is optional for additional detail. Text will be saved with data entered.
7 Proof your entry! Be sure all information entered is accurate. You CANNOT edit or change your entry once it has been posted.
8 When finished click the post location button at the bottom and “x” out of the dialog box. Refresh the Map. Your pin and entered information will be posted.

We want to thank everyone who is contributing to the lionfish tracking map. This is currently only the first version, and we plan to make upgrades to the map and its features in the near future based on our initial feedback. Please Contact Us with any suggestions, ideas, or room for improvement on the lionfish tracking map.

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